AML・KYC Policy

AVERAL GLOBAL INC (hereinafter referred to as the "company") , in order to prevent illegal activities such as terrorism and money laundering, implements this policy by constructing necessary countermeasures for the following activities related to money laundering (AML) and the provision of funds to terrorists (CTF) . In addition, we will comply with relevant laws and regulations and make every effort to formulate and implement this policy to ensure the appropriateness of our business.

We adopt a strict and effective KYC policy for high-risk customers, and use simplified KYC (Know your customer) for other customers. In addition, we will keep the personal information, identification documents and transaction records of our customers for a certain period of time while you are in a business relationship and after the business relationship ends.

We arrange "AML" training for related companies and employees, and take appropriate measures to clarify the responsibility scope of on-site staff and inspect suspicious transactions. In addition, we also perform appropriate controls and audits based on the risk basis to determine the scope of due diligence and the level of ongoing monitoring.


We will abide by laws and regulations regarding the handling of personal information, guidelines of the ministries and agencies in charge, and other regulations.


In order to comply with our AML and KYC policies, each of our clients must complete the authentication process. Before establishing a cooperative relationship with a customer, we will check whether the customer and trading partner can effectively prove their identity. In addition, we also use reliable information sources to identify people in countries with insufficient AML standards, customers living in countries with a high risk of crime and corruption, and strictly review the beneficiaries of funds raised from designated countries.


Customers will be asked to provide their personal information when registering. Specifically, there are name, date of birth, country of residence, address, telephone number and city code. In order to meet our requirements for customer identity verification and KYC, and to verify the information provided, each individual customer must provide the following information in accordance with our guidelines.

1) A high-resolution copy of the government-issued ID card that includes: name, date of birth, photo, citizenship, and if applicable, the effective date (issue date or expiration date) of the document, and the owner’s signature . The identification documents will be passports, national ID cards, driving licenses and other similar documents. The designated documents must be valid for at least six months from the date of official issuance. We reserves the right to request a formal copy of the designated document, which must be valid for at least six months from the date of submission. We reserves the right to request a second verification document.

2) A high-resolution copy of payment receipts and bank transaction details documents for public services (such as gas, water, electricity, and bank statements) that contain the customer's name and actual place of residence. These documents must be within 3 months from the date of submission.

In the procedures such as certification process and document verification, we reserves the right to request other important documents and procedures. These procedures will be independently judged by us and will be changed according to the circumstances (such as the country of residence of the customer, etc.).


When registering as a corporation, in order to verify the important KYC information of the legal person of the relevant corporation, the following documents must be submitted additionally.
Personal identification documents of all officers, directors and beneficiaries in legal personality
A copy of the articles of incorporation officially registered in the Registrar of Jurisdiction or equivalent documents (high resolution)
Proof of company's registered address and list of shareholders and directors

We regularly review and evaluate ourselves in accordance with relevant laws and regulations in Panama to effectively mitigate and control risk. In addition, we will never conduct business with suspicious money launderers or individuals or organizations that engage in illegal activities similar to money laundering.